Getting Started

To get you started with Fun.CQRS we will build a simple Lottery application. This example is also available as a runnable sample in the project repository GitHub.

We will first concentrate on the modeling of the Command Side. In which we will define the Lottery Aggregate, its Protocol and its Behavior. We will learn how to configure the InMemoryBackend and write tests to verify the Lottery’s behavior.

Next we will build the Query Side by defining one View Model and a Projection that consumes events and creates/updates the LotteryDetails model. We will reconfigure the InMemoryBackend for the Query Side and extend the tests.

Last, we will plug the code we wrote with the AkkaBackend and run it in a main method.

During this tutorial we will cover many aspects of Fun.CQRS, but we won’t go deep into the details. The goal is to get you started by building a first application. Links to more detailed documentation will be provided along the tutorial.

  1. Aggregates - Command Side
  2. Fun.CQRS Backends
  3. Command Side Tests (todo)
  4. Projection - Query Side (todo)
  5. Query Side Tests (todo)
  6. Configuring the AkkaBackend (todo)